Since 2010, when the Greek economy entered a recession, we are faced daily with new threats to the natural environment. New large-scale public projects are being planned or expedited in the name of development, but, considering the current state of the Greek economy and society, their cost, both financial and environmental, is absurd. Environmental protection legislation is being constantly weakened. Public authorities responsible for protecting our natural heritage are nowadays almost completely paralyzed, and even the most courageous and devoted public officers are no longer able to deal with the environmental crimes that are being committed all around us.

Our work

We record the deep ecological footprint of the crisis, translate developments into knowledge for the benefit of active citizens and politicians and offer solutions where they are needed. We do not let the gravely important ecological aspect of the economic crisis go unnoticed; nor do we allow the idea that environmental degradation can provide a way out of the crisis.

We monitor

Since 2005, we have been monitoring and recording the most significant developments in legislation and case law concerning several environmental issues, identifying implementation problems and proposing suitable solutions.

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Environmental Law in Greece: Focus on nature and biodiversity

With the valuable contribution of our volunteer group we publish a monthly international bulletin called CrisisWatch.

We intervene

We promptly intervene in the legislative process, in the Parliament or in public deliberations, focusing on regulations that hold significant ecological impact.

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Draft legislation that would turn Greek beaches into seas of concrete is scrapped.

International dimension

Our monthly information bulletin CrisisWatch monitors the ecological dimension of political developments in Europe.

Through public interventions and letters, we see that Greece’s international partners are held accountable regarding the policies that they propose to Greece. What is their environmental impact? In which cases do these policies violate European environmental legislation?

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WWF calls for green way out of the economic crisis.

We support

With the decisive contribution of our volunteer Legal Team, we support the struggle of citizens and environmental groups to counter local environmental threats.

We propose

A crisis always heralds the need for change. We waste no opportunity to propose alternative solutions to specific political and legislative initiatives. We formulate proposals as part of a truly sustainable way out of the crisis.

We provide effective and down-to-earth solutions: adapted to our one and only Earth.

Nature - endangered by the crisis - is the very way out of it!

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Plan for a “living economy” in Greece.

Environmentally important works and investments

We place particular emphasis on monitoring the planning and approval of large-scale works and investments, such as the diversion of the rivers Acheloos and Aoos and the mining investments in Evros.

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