Distinguished Friends is a team of people who contribute greatly to the work WWF Greece. By donating 500 Euros or more every year, they play a key role in safeguarding Greek nature. Distinguished Friends where the ones that provided the means for a prompt intervention in the affected areas after the 2007 tragic fires. Thanks to them and their rapid response, we secured 136,000€ for the reforestation of Parnitha and for the creation of a local WWF office in the heart of the fire-ravaged area in Elis. Today, with the reliable support of our Distinguished Friends, we stay on alert for fires all over Greece and propose efficient measures for damage recovery.

As Distinguished Friends of WWF Greece, you are at the forefront for the protection of Greek nature. My job is to bring you closer to our effort and to make use of your knowledge and will to contribute. Under difficult circumstances, you've given us the possibility to rescue the country's natural wealth.

Many of you provide moral and pragmatic support in every possible way. You contact us regularly and keep us up to date with matters related with the environment, you promote our actions and communicate them and also provide consulting on matters of your specialty.

If you're considering of honoring us by becoming Distinguished Friends of WWF Greece, I'll be glad to hear from you and answer any question you might have.

Emily Kern, responsible for Distinguished Friends,
210 3314893 (ex. 107), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You're a valuable resource to our fight! As a small token of appreciation to your contribution, we provide:

  1. A Distinguished Friend Card and a Panda pin
  2. The quarterly magazine Living Planet and regular update on environmental subjects in Greece and abroad.
  3. Special editions by WWF Greece and the WWF network
  4. Yearly Report of WWF Greece action (with the ability to see your personal contribution)
  5. Invitation to an open day in the organization's offices in Athens in order to get to know the staff and get informed on our actions and campaigns
  6. Invitations to events and webinars on WWF Greece action
  7. Fixed -10% discount on all WWF products
  8. A priority for support in accusation matters or matters of special environmental interest, as long as they're relative to the organization.
  9. A tax certificate of your donation