What would become of children’s dreams, were lions, tigers and dolphins to disappear from our world?

Some species are so prominent in our imagination that they have become the face of biodiversity. The struggle to conserve them is the very struggle to keep our connection with nature alive.

These animals have just as strong a presence in the planet’s natural life as we do. We protect them because alongside with them we protect the rare ecosystems that support them as a whole. We also conserve many less famous creatures, which, obscure as they may be, are also inextricable links in the chain of life.

© M. Harvey / WWF-Canon


© M. Carwardine / WWF-Canon


© V.R. Sinha / WWF-Canon


© Bernard De Wetter / WWF-Canon


© A. Bonetti / WWF Greece

Dalmatian Pelican

© M. Gunther / WWF-Canon

Loggerhead sea turtle

© A. Nekrasov / WWF-Canon

Marine mammals

© P. Latsoudis / WWF Greece

Red deer

© P. Mpampakas / WWF Greece


© A. Bonetti / WWF Greece