Help us reduce our operational expenses!

In several occasions, our operational needs are covered by donations in kind or services by professionals and businesses which wish to contribute to our work.

Free media coverage, provision of advertising services, free printing and granting of special equipment are some occasions through which we are able to reduce are operational expenses.

If you wish to offer your services through your business or your profession do not hesitate to contact us.

Procurement support:
Τόνια Αράπογλου, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 2103314893

Donations in kind  for 2012-2013


Entersoft offered 50% off the initial price for the installation of our information system (EBS).

Graal Digital Creations

The business offered to convert our TV spots for cinema projection for free.

Θ. Αρβανίτης Tone Studio

The company curated our audiovisual TV spots.


We sincerely thank the company Knauf Γυψοποιία Α.Β.Ε.Ε. which responded to our request for free provision of plasterboards and supplementary materials. Their willingness as well as their effective collaboration contributed to the immediate formulation of our new offices, achieving the best possible results.

NEL Lines

The Nautical Company of Lesbos responded positively to our request and offered free tickets for two researchers of WWF Greece as well as their vehicle in order for them to travel to Chios island and implement their research on the forest fire which affected the island on 18 August 2012.


The students and graduates of the translation studies center Metafrasi offered to translate the texts of our website.


Microsoft Hellas offered free software licenses for our personal computers.

Ορφανός Μιχάλης ΑΕΒΕ

Our long-term collaboration with Orfanos company led to the spontaneous proposal by the owners to undertake the printing of WWF’s leaflets for free. Since September 2008 the company has undertaken the printing of our magazine “The living Planet” as well as a large number of informational leaflets for the needs of the resources department.

Piranha Studio

Piranha studio offers free production and recording of our radio spots.

Σκλαβής Film Lab.Co

The business offered to convert for free our TV spots for cinema projection.


Since 2006 Tribe has undertaken the free provision of promotional services for the creation and implementation of our communication strategy. One instance of our collaboration is the the campaign “The climate is in your hands” which created after the destructive fires in 2007.


TÜV HELLAS offered for free its services by certifying WWF Greece according to the standard ISO 9001:2008 on projects and activities for the protection of the Environment and Natural Heritage and co-managed programs.