Leave a living planet to the next generations

By leaving a legacy to WWF Greece, you demonstrate with actions your passion for life to continue on our planet. Your contribution, through your will, help us deliver to the next generations the natural wealth untouched. Natural balance is the greatest guarantee we have in order to be able to overcome the challenges of the future.

The world would be a worse place without species like the charming tiger, or the mighty rhinoceros, the whales and dolphins we come across in the Greek sea. Even children fables would loose their charm if their favorite animals, creations of their imagination, were lost from their world.

The rain forests, the eternal glaciers but also the unique landscapes and species found in our country, help maintain the planet's balance. In Greece, the Mediterranean Sea is a cradle not only of natural life but also of our civilization. Today, this natural balance is under great pressure.

WWF works close to humans and finds solution because experience has shown that when done correctly, human and nature can blossom together.

This could be your legacy for the generations to come.

See what others have said about their decision:

"Even though within my small household, I do what I can for the safeguard of the environment - I do biological cultivation, I recycle and reuse material, I am an prudent and conscious consumer, I save energy - I always wanted to be able to contribute in a more practical way in the safeguard of the environment.

I believe that only by respecting nature and by replacing what we take from her, is there any hope for humanity. That's why, I'm trying to reduce my "footprint" and I've entrusted my land to WWF. The best thing I've done in my lifetime is to buy a piece of land. The most satisfying one was that I worked on it. The wisest was that I granted it to WWF."

Ruth Deighton & Giannis Sartzetakis, Seta Euboea

If you're thinking of leaving a gift to the generations to come, contact us, and I'll be glad to answer any question, to get to know you and welcome you in the team of friends that have left a gift in their wills to support the work of WWF Greece for a living planet.

Emily Kern, responsible for legacies WWF Greece,
210 3314893 (ex. 107), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..