In 10 years, our Citizen’s Legal Support Team has responded to more than 700 cases.

© G. Velidis / WWF Greece

What is the citizen’s legal support team?

Our volunteering Legal Team came to existence in December 2002, in an effort to respond to the countless citizen requests from all around Greece to help them in their fight against environmental problems.

Volunteering lawyers, environmentalists, town planners and engineers participate in this team and offer their valuable knowledge and support to local initiatives and to citizens.

Its role is to explain the legal framework and the alternative solutions, to make easier for citizens to access necessary information, to propose possible ways of dealing with the situation, and support the denouncers. Our legal team is not a substitute to the citizens action but a support to it.

Some of the tools of the legal team...

© G. Velidis / WWF Greece

In 10 years, our Legal Team has responded to more than 700 environmental degradation cases and in 2009 it was awarded for its contribution by the President of Greece, Mr. Karolos Papoulias.

The legal team has a voice of its own! In cooperation with the Policy department of WWF Greece, it publicly comments on the consequences of suggested legislation regarding the natural environment.

How to contact us...

Would you like to ask for help from the legal team for an environmental problem you've come across? Remember that the legal team will support your denouncement, but won't be the denouncer instead of you.

Please note that your report should be written, signed and contain in detail the problem and your actions so far. We need photographs, diagrams, map extracts and any other proof you have in order to help us have a clear picture of the problem.

Some other useful advice...

  • Collect enough evidence on the problem (photographs, testimonies, documents).
  • Collect basic information that will make examining it easier: Under which jurisdiction is the area? Is it under a protection regime? What is the tenure status of the area (i.e. private, public, belonging to the church)? Has there been similar initiatives by others in the past?
  • Unite with other citizens, organizations, unions. Collective action has a stronger impact and causes a bigger reaction from the state. Also try to mobilize the Media (local, national) in order for the story to go public.
  • Find the authorities responsible and contact them by pointing out your right to be informed promptly. The authorities are obliged by law to respond to citizens within a certain period of time.

Send your report or questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frequently asked questions

Participating in the legal team

Do you want to be part of the legal team? Tell us about yourself (specialty, area of interest) and send us your contact details.