How can we improve the quality of our lives, without wasting the planet’s resources? Our lifestyle comes at a price and, to pay it, we borrow from the natural environment. The gap that we create as we go about our daily routine is what we call our ecological footprint.

According to our Living Planet 2012 report (in Greek), if the entire world were to consume like Greece, it would take almost 3 planets to fulfill our needs. Since 2012, a lot has changed. Our lives are deeply affected by the financial crisis and our consumption behavior and habits have - for many of us unavoidably - changed.

Ecology, economy, participation

Our new campaign Better Life (in Greek) presents another way to look at our lives and deal with the crisis, suggesting easy and creative ways to improve our quality of life and reduce our ecological footprint, conserving the environment.

Human relationships are the key, so we cooperate with other networks, such as Boroume, which mobilizes businesses in the food industry to offer their surplus food to those in need.

Networks provide the opportunity to participate, the motivation to take action and the interconnection necessary for the dissemination of information. Better Life was designed to become a node that will inform and mobilize, highlight and work together with similar initiatives. Our objectives include working with schools that wish to take the next step, to take action and share their results with all of us.

Let’s put words into action, wherever we can. Let’s take on the greatest challenge of the 21st century: how to truly prosper within the natural limits of our planet.

Better Life is exclusively sponsored by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.